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Pyramid Framework

This page includes a wide variety of information about the Stream Functions Pyramid Framework and its application. Check this page frequently for new versions of the Stream Quantification Tool and more.


Stream Functions Pyramid Diagram

Functional Uplift Table

A Function-Based Framework for Stream Assessment and Restoration Projects

  • Click here to download the Functional Framework for Stream Assessment and Restoration

Function-Based Rapid Assessment Method

  • Click here to download Rapid Assessment Methodology. Click here to download the Rapid Assessment Spreadsheet Forms

NC Stream Quantification Tool

  • NC Stream Quantification Tool v3.0 - This is the QT populated with performance standards from NC streams. If you are interested in using the QT in another state, send me a note ( and I'll let you know which parameters and performance standards need to be changed.
  • SQT Spreadsheet User Manual - A user document on how to enter data and operate the SQT

  • SQT - Data Collection and Analysis Manual - A user manual on how to collect and analyze field data in preparation for use with the SQT. This document includes the catchment assessment form and a rapid-assessment field form. 

  • NC Quantification Tool v 3.0 Example - This version has been populated with a fictional project to demonstrate how the QT works. It includes reach-scale restoration with a BMP on an adjacent ephemeral tributary.
  • List of Metrics - The Workbook includes a list of all the parameters and measurement methods with their corresponding performance standards. The performance standards are shown as min and max values for each functional category (functioning, functioning-at-risk, and not functioning) along with notes. The stratification methods are also provided for each measurement method. Finally, each performance standard includes a source reference.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Function-Based Parameters, Measurement Methods, and Performance Standards

  • Click here to download Riparian Buffer Vegetation Evaluation Methods.
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